Jonathan Steele

Hey, I'm Jonathan Steele

Dad. Developer. Building First Means Everything


I'm a web developer working with JavaScript and Node.js. I'm an avid learner, keen to explore and understand emerging libraries and web technologies.

Right now I'm into at Gatsby, GraphQL and serverless architecture via the Zeit Now platform.

Currently at GraphCMS.


Modular service based commerce

November 19, 2019

Bringing headless APIs and services together via the content mesh to deliver fast, scalable commerce experiences.

A serverless approach to API design

March 20, 2019

An introductory talk to serverless API design at JavaScript North East.

Blazing fast Moltin sites with Gatsby.js

March 18, 2019

Internal talk at Moltin demonstrating how we can utilise Gatsby to deliver blazing fast commerce sites.

The Great Gatsby

July 18, 2018

My JavaScript North East talk introducing Gatsby as the static site generator for the 21st century.